Fusion Markets

Who We Are

Fusion Markets was founded by veterans of the Australian forex industry. With a combined experience of 50 years, our mission is to create a broker that adheres to a few simple principles:

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Low prices
Radically lower the price which people pay to trade forex, CFDs and other financial products.
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Friendly support for any experience level.
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Use cutting-edge technology to help deliver a seamless trading experience.

Our Vision is to provide access to the world’s markets easy, fast and at a radically lower cost than what exists in Australia today. We aren’t just satisfied with being a low-cost provider, we want to permanently change traders’ expectations of their broker.

Hi there! I’m Phil and I’m the Founder & CEO of Fusion Markets. I started Fusion because I believe our clients deserve to trade the markets for a radically lower cost than what exists today. Having spent a decade at different Australian brokers, my vision is to change people’s expectations of their forex and CFD providers. Low-cost, world class technology and friendly support. That’s our vision.

Phil Horner

CEO and Founder

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Our Values

These are the values that guide our business and the actions of our people. As we grow and achieve our vision for greatness, these will always stay the same.

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Do The Right Thing
For our clients, the company and ourselves. We act with sincerity in all we do to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.
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Go Deep
We take ownership of what is in front of us. We're always looking for something new to challenge ourselves and get our hands dirty.
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Finance and Investing is serious stuff, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We smile. We have fun. The attitude we bring to work helps our clients as traders and our teammates.
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Be Adaptable
We are people with High “AQ” (adaptability quotient). We never stop learning about ourselves or the world around us. We know what got us here won't get us to where we're going.
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