About Fusion Markets

Why should I open an account with Fusion?

In as few words as possible, our mission is to have the lowest trading costs in the industry. We also have no minimum deposit, fee-free funding options, rockstar support and world-class technology to help you succeed in the markets. Don't take our word for it, see what everyone else thinks.  

Where can I find your spreads and range of products?

You can find our spread averages, commission rates, the full list of trading products and more on our Trading Conditions page. 

When did you start your operations and who founded Fusion Markets?

Fusion was founded in November 2017 and launched trading for clients in June 2019. It is 100% owned and operated by veterans from the Australian forex industry. 

Where are you based?

Our head office is in Melbourne, Australia and we also have offices in Vanuatu and the Seychelles. More offices around the world will be opening as we continue to expand.

Can I visit your office?

Yes, definitely! You are very welcome to visit our Melbourne office located at Level 10/627 Chapel St, South Yarra, Australia. 

Is Fusion Markets licensed or regulated?

Yes. Fusion Markets is regulated in both Australia and Vanuatu. In Australia, we are regulated by ASIC and licensed to carry on a financial services business in Australia under Australian Financial Services License No. 385620. In Vanuatu, Gleneagle Securities Pty Limited trades as Fusion Markets EN and is a registered Vanuatu company (company number 40256) and is regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC).

Who is Gleneagle?

Gleneagle Securities Pty Ltd, founded in 2010, is an institutional provider in the financial markets offering services such as asset management, corporate advisory and more.

By working with Gleneagle, we’re able to utilise their strong relationships with liquidity providers to lower costs for all our traders.

How many products do you offer?

Fusion Markets offers over 250 different financial products including CFDs on currencies, US shares, indices, futures, cryptocurrencies and more.  

Can I become a partner of yours?

We have several partnership programs that you can choose from, depending on which one suits you well. We have an Introducing Brokers, Affiliate and Refer a Friend program (Refer a Friend is only available for VFSC or SEY clients).

Refer a Friend - Ideal for traders who wish to refer friends or other interested traders.

IB Partner - designed for those who want an ongoing commission for clients that they refer to Fusion.

Affiliate program - Ideal for affiliate networks, email marketers, media buyers, website publishers and social media influencers.

Account Opening Questions

How can I open an account with Fusion Markets?

Opening an account with us is easy. Simply Sign Up, upload one government photo ID (e.g. passport, drivers licence) and a recent proof of address (utility bill or bank statement) that matches your application, and you should be all set to be approved by our accounts team.

How do I change my Fusion nickname?

To change your Fusion nickname, please log in to the Fusion Client Portal. Go to ‘Accounts’, then click on ‘Live’. You should be able to see a box with your account details. Click on the pencil icon at the top right corner of the box (please see the screenshot below for reference). Type in your new nickname in the pop-up window and click ‘Submit Changes’.

You are all set! If you have any issues, please reach out to us at [email protected]

FAQ image
How do I create a demo account on Fusion Client Hub?

If you haven’t created an account with Fusion yet. Go to the Fusion Client Hub, enter your details, choose your account type and then upload your ID documents and create a demo account. Please see the short video for your reference.

Do you accept applications from a Company, Corporate, Trust, etc?

Yes, we do. If you are applying with our VFSC entity please sign up. Alternatively, sign up to trade with our ASIC entity. Please ensure you have the complete requirements, as shown below.

Documents that you need to provide to open a company/corporate account.

1. Certificate of Incorporation. 

2. Article of Association. 

3. Proof of address from the company registered address and the List of members/directors/shareholders. 

4. All members/directors/shareholders need to provide proof of ID and proof of address documents also. 

5. LEI number if needed 

To sign up as a Company’s trustee:

1. Certificate of Incorporation 

2. Article of Association 

3. The List of members/directors/shareholders 

4. Trust Deed 

5. Finally, all members/directors/shareholders need to provide proof of ID and proof of address documents also. 

Documents that you need provide to open an account with your superannuation funds.

1. Full Copy of Trust deed. 

2. ID and Address documents for Trustees and Beneficiaries and if the company is the trustee. 

3. ASIC extract and certificate of incorporation is required.

What are the requirements for the MAM/PAM account application?

For you to apply for a MAM/PAM account, you must have the below requirements. The trader can only earn a performance fee/ management fee. There are no IB’s or commission payouts allowed.

- $5000 minimum non-negotiable minimum deposit per slave account.

- Three funded slave accounts.

- At least three months of a track record to show the system is profitable. This can be from another broker.

- The manager needs to trade with us for at least one month, with similar performance to the track record shown.

- A trader needs to be licensed in this type of activity regulated in his/her country.

Which countries do you not accept?

Fusion Markets is open to most clients. However, we do not take clients from Afghanistan, Congo, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar, New Zealand, North Korea, Palestine, Russia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, Japan or the United States or its territories.

Withdrawal and Deposit Process

How much is your minimum deposit?

True to our mission of putting you first, there is no minimum amount to deposit. We believe that you should start with what you feel most comfortable. However, on average, most clients fund with $1500 and above.

How much is the maximum deposit?

You can fund as much as you like, but when using a Visa or Mastercard, we recommend a maximum of AUD 25,000 or equivalent at a time to reduce rejections from Visa or Mastercard.

Is there a charge to fund my account?

We do not charge fees on funding your account if you fund with Visa or Mastercard.

If funding with a bank wire, transfers from Australia to our Australian account also incur no fees. 

If you are transferring from an international bank account to our Australian trust account, the fees will likely be USD $20-$30. Please note that at certain banks, they may use what is called an “intermediary bank” (which Fusion has no control over) which charge their own fees for forwarding the funds to us. We apologise, but Fusion is not responsible for these fees should they be charged.

What are your modes of payment/deposit?

We strive to provide our clients with the best service we can by offering different kinds of payment methods. We offer the ability to fund fee-free via Visa, MasterCard (credit & debit), PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Fasapay, Jeton Wallet, Perfect Money, Online Naira, Doku, Cryptos or bank wire. If you are from the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico and Colombia you can also use our local bank transfer method too. 

Can I fund with PayPal?

Absolutely! We offer PayPal for clients fee-free. You can use PayPal Wallet or their Credit or Debit Card option. 

Why can't I see PayPal funding in my Hub?

Unfortunately, PayPal is unavailable due to compliance reasons if you live in the following countries:

Algeria, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Belgium, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Democratic Republic of Congo, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Falkland Islands, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Monserrat, Morocco, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Republic of Congo, Romania, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Turkey, Turks and Caicos Islands, USA, Venezuela, Virgin Islands (British), Virgin Islands (USA).

What is a BSB?

A BSB (Bank-State-Branch) is a six-digit number that identifies banks and branches across Australia. It does not apply to international accounts. You will need to provide information such as IBAN, Swift Code and more. You can find out what information you need within our Fusion Client Hub .

How long will it take for my deposit be posted on my account?

If you fund using Visa or Mastercard, your deposit should be credited to your account instantly if the deposit made within but If using a bank wire internationally to Australia, the average is 2-3 business days. However, depending on which country you’re depositing from, the process can typically take up to 5 business days.

How do I transfer funds between two trading accounts?

To transfer between trading accounts, simply login to your Fusion Hub and on the left-hand side menu, select ‘payments’ then ‘transfers’ and follow the prompts. Please see this short video on how to do so

How do I withdraw funds? Are there any restrictions?

To withdraw your funds, log in to the fusion hub and go to the “Payment” tab located on the left-hand side, then choose the method you would like to use. Please see this short video for how to do so. 


There are no restrictions on withdrawals. You can withdraw anytime you wish. Depending on the method that you used to fund your account, funds will be returned or ‘matched’ to this method first.


For example, if you funded $1000 via Visa, just like any purchase, we will need to refund the $1000 back to your card. If you funded with bank wire, we would need to send funds back to your bank account. Or if ever you funded via card and wants to withdraw to your bank, we will return the deposited amount first to your card and whatever excess will be transferred to your bank.

What are your withdrawal methods?

Withdrawal is available via Bank Wire, Credit or Debit Card, Skrill and Neteller. Keep in mind that if you use a Debit or Credit Card, the original deposit you made upon withdrawing must be "refunded" back to the card. Please contact us for more information.

How long does it take to withdraw from my account?

All withdrawals received by 11 am AEDT are processed on the same day. If we receive your request after 11 am AEDT, we will process it the next business day. You should receive your funds within 1-5 business days for credit and debit cards depending on the card provider and 2-5 business days for bank wires.

How do I withdraw if I lost my credit card or it expired?

We will need to confirm that your card was lost so we will need confirmation from your bank (for example, a letter confirming this). We will also need a bank statement dated within the last three months displaying your name, address and account number for the account that you wish to nominate for your withdrawal. Once you have all the documents, please send it to us at [email protected]

Can I withdraw while I have trading positions open on my account?

When withdrawing funds from your live account, you will need to take extreme care so as not to withdraw too much that you trigger a margin call or automatic stop out on your account. Please note that managing your risk and margin levels are your responsibility, and we are unable to restore any closed positions if you do so.

Can I deposit or withdraw from/to a third party?

We can only accept deposits or withdraw funds from an account that matches the account holder’s name.

Can I use Interac to fund my account?

Yes, we allow funding via Interac. The funds take between 1-4 hours to clear in your trading account and is free of charge. 

Can I deposit using a money remittance service?

Yes, you may deposit through a money remitter service such as TransferWise as long as you ensure the login reference is correct. We will also need the full transfer receipt in order to apply the funds.

Can I fund with cryptos?

Yes! You can deposit with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), USDT, and various other coins via your client hub

When funding your account, select the payments tab and then choose "Crypto". You can now deposit crypto and fund your trading account.

Can I withdraw to Crypto?

Yes, one of our many withdrawal options is a crypto withdrawal. The cryptocurrencies available to withdraw are:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Tether (USDT) (ERC20, TRC20)
  • Ripple (XRP)

Take note that as a regulated broker we comply with AML laws and as such AML standards are applied to crypto withdrawals. Please contact [email protected] for more on crypto wi thdrawals and AML standards.

Do you accept broker to broker funds transfer?

Yes, we can accept broker to broker funds transfer. If you'd like a copy of the form to send to your broker, please contact us

How much does it cost to withdraw?

Fusion itself does not charge for bank fees, but your bank may use an intermediary bank where fees are between $15-$25. That's why we have a minimum withdrawal amount of $30 via bank wire (it's free for Australian residents). Credit and Debit Cards are free via the matched refund process. Skrill and Neteller withdrawals are also free. Please contact us for fees of other methods. 

What currencies can I deposit with/have my trading account denominated?

We offer most major currencies, our list of MT4/MT5 base currencies includes AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, SGD, THB, and USD.

Can I cancel a withdrawal?

Yes, if we haven't already processed your payment, you will need to contact us immediately via Live Chat and request cancellation however this isn't always possible.

Can I reverse my withdrawal once it has been completed?

Not all withdrawals can be reversed, it will depend on the method of your withdrawal. If you would like your withdrawal reversed, please contact support and they will direct your request to the funding team. If it is not an urgent request, we suggest waiting for the withdrawal to go through and simply deposit the amount back into your account. 

Trading Questions

How much are your commissions?

We have Australia’s lowest advertised forex commissions, starting with USD 2.25 per 1 standard lot or equivalent ($4.50 per round turn). For a mini-lot, the commission will be 0.45c and so on. 

Why is the USD and AUD commission rate both $4.50?

Our commission rate is based on $4.50 USD equivalent per 1 standard lot (round turn). This is with the exception of AUD commissions which are also $4.50. Our headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia. When we launched in June 2019, we wanted to offer Australia's lowest commission rate at the time and have stuck with it ever since despite the exchange rate being very different. 

What is the maximum leverage on products?

The maximum leverage available to you as a client depends on various factors, including where you live, which entity you are trading with and in the case of Australia, whether you are classified as a "Retail" or "Professional" client.

For Fusion Pro Accounts, SEY, and Fusion VFSC clients, the maximum leverage available are as follows: Forex & Metals: 500:1, Index CFDs: 100:1 and Cryptocurrencies: 10:1.

For 'Retail' ASIC clients, please visit the FAQ "I am a "Retail" client under ASIC, what is the maximum leverage I can have?" 

What is the minimum trade size?

The minimum trade size will depend on the product that you’re trying to trade. For currency pairs, metals and other commodities, the minimum is 0.01 (often 10c per pip). For indices and everything else, the minimum trade size is 0.1 (often $0.10 per big point).

Please be aware that different products have different notional values. We advise you to place trades on a demo account to familiarise yourself with these different trade sizes.

What is the maximum lot size I can trade with you?

The maximum lot size that you can trade is 100 lots. If you are a high-volume trader, we can set up customised liquidity feeds so that you can trade bigger volumes. Please contact us for more information.

What is the maximum leverage for my account balance?

The below is a general guide we follow on the maximum leverage available based on account equity. All figures are USD or Equivalent and are only applicable for Fusion Markets VFSC, SEY, or Fusion Markets Pro accounts only.

(For "Retail" ASIC clients please visit the FAQ "I am a 'Retail' client under ASIC, what is the maximum leverage I can have?')

$0-$50,000 = Up to a Maximum 500:1 leverage

$50,001-$100,000  = Up to a Maximum 200:1 leverage 

$100,001-$250,000 = Up to a Maximum 100:1

$250,001-$500,000 = Up to a Maximum 50:1

Note these figures are indicative only. Special exceptions can be made depending on your trading style. For example, if you took large positions (Aggregate holding of NOP $50m+) on non-major pairs or have historically held trades over weekends or traded products with risk of gapping e.g. Gold, WTI etc then the above would need to be changed. 

I am a "Retail" client under ASIC, what is the maximum leverage I can have?

If you are a Fusion "Retail" client with ASIC, the maximum leverage available are as follows: 

Major Forex 1:30

Minor Forex 1:20

Major Indices 1:20

Gold 1:20

Commodities (excluding Gold) 1:10

Shares 1:5

CFDs on Crypto 1:2

How many orders can I have open at once?

You can have as many as 200 orders open at any time. This number also includes any pending orders you have at any time. This is limited to 200 to ensure that our servers are performing at their highest level.

What is a Stop Loss and Take Profit?

A Take-Profit (TP) is an order that you tell or send to your broker, informing them to close your position or trade when the price reaches a specified price level in profit. Stop-Loss (SL) is a trade order to sell a currency when the price reaches or falls below the specified price. This is used to limit loss, usually when the trader cannot actively monitor the price.

Is the Demo account accurate?

The demo account closely resembles a live account and will execute orders and sells at the real market price in real-time. The main differences between a demo and a live account are:

1) The demo environment doesn't need the trades to be executed in the market. This takes a very small amount of time in the scheme of things but it is still a difference between the two. Whether the price has changed in that amount of time is not something we can answer. The difference (if there is any) is likely to be very small given its a small amount of time to execute the trade with the liquidity providers.

2) There is no liquidity in the demo environment. That means I can place 1000 lots and receive the same price had I placed a 0.01 lot trade. This isn't how the market works in the live environment. Prices are subject to the liquidity that is available at the time. Sadly this isn't the easiest to predict as liquidity changes based on market conditions. As a general rule of thumb, the standard liquidity at the price you see on the platform is about 5 lots for FX majors. If you are trading more than 5 lots per click, there may be a small amount of slippage as your 2 lots are filled at the next available price which would be slightly worse.

So in summary, provided that the price didn't change within that small window where the demo servers execution is faster and that your order is small enough to not be filled on the next tier of liquidity then the price you receive on the demo will very closely align with what is on the live server.

What does “volume” on MT4 Mean?

Volume on MT4 is the size of the trade you wish to place. For example, when trading currencies most orders of 1.0 will equate to roughly $10 per pip whereas 1.0 on indices it can mean $1 per point.

What is your average execution speed?

In the month of August 2023, our average execution speed across all our instruments was 37 ms.

What are swaps? How do you calculate them?

A swap rate in currencies is simply an overnight finance cost that is either received or paid on positions held overnight. They are calculated by our prime broker and liquidity providers and based on current market conditions and risk analysis. It is worth noting that Fusion Markets does not have any control over these rates but strives to only work with providers with the most competitive rates.

Do you offer Swap Free or Islamic Accounts?

Yes! We offer Swap-Free accounts for our Islamic traders allowing you to trade our most popular products while adhering to your religious principles.

You can find all the relevant information on our Swap-Free page.

If you're interested in opening a Swap-Free account, contact your account manager or reach out to us directly and we can get you started.

How do I open a Swap Free or Islamic Account?

To open a Swap Free or Islamic account you’ll need to contact your account manager or reach out to us directly and we can get you started. You can read more about our Swap Free accounts here. 

What is the difference between the Classic and the ZERO Account?

The difference between the ZERO and Classic is the cost of the account. One is where spreads start from 0.0 pips (ZERO spread) + USD 4.50 commission (The ZERO). The other is the Classic Account where the commission is included in the spread. ZERO total cost to trade is roughly around 0.5 pips, whereas the Classic is about 0.9 with all costs included.

How is your spread being calculated on the ZERO account?

Our spreads vary depending on the current market price of each currency pair. With our Historical and Live Spreads tool you can track how our spreads o n most popular trading instruments have changed over the last month, and even benchmark us! 

You can also check out our Trading Conditions to learn more.  

How is your spread being calculated on a Classic account?

Our average spreads on a classic account for, e.g. on this currency: EURUSD the Average spread is 0.92 (commissions included). 

Note: The average spreads on our products list are for ZERO account. To get the Average spreads for your classic account to add the spread rate listed on our product list then add it to 0.9.

E.g. EURUSD Spreads for ZERO is 0.2 + 0.9= 1.1

You can use our Historical and Live Spreads Tool to discover our average, minimum and maximum spreads, as well as how they have changed historically over the last month.  

Why did I get charged triple the amount of swaps?

Triple swaps occur because the Spot FX market is a T+2 settlement, which means technically any trades still open past Thursday (5 pm Wednesday in GMT+2) will be held on Saturday and Sunday from a settlement perspective and therefore the cost or benefit of holding those is taken into account on the Wednesday close/Thursday open 


In the case of CFDs on Indices, triple swaps occur at Friday 5pm (MT4 server time 00:00) GMT+2 and is for Saturday and Sunday's trading. 

 It is important to also point out that this works both ways. You will receive triple the swap if you were short EURUSD today.

Swap rates can change very quickly depending on market conditions so be sure to check these before you enter your trade (under "Specifications" on the platform) and be mindful of the swap costs on the Wednesday market close (Thursday morning Asia time) and in the case of Indices, Friday close (Saturday morning Asia time). 

I chose The Classic Account. Can I change to The ZERO later?

Yes, you may change from a Classic to a ZERO account, and vice versa. Just send us a request at [email protected], and we will change it for you.

Why do you call your account “The ZERO”?

The account is called “The ZERO” because the spreads have no mark-up and start from zero pips. It is designed to be a premium account except without the extra requirements of a minimum deposit or minimum trading volume.

Can I trade Crypto?

You can trade a range of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, EOS, Polkadot, Chainlink and more. We're always trying to add new products, so please check your trading platform for the latest products. 

Can I trade on the weekends?

You can trade our range of cryptocurrencies on the weekend, as crypto markets are open 24/7.

Please note that whilst we strive to provide constant pricing during weekends, maintenance can occur with our liquidity providers which are out of our control and may result in intermittent pricing, usually between 10:00 and 12:00 server time on Sundays.

For our other symbols, you'll only be able to trade them on weekdays during market hours. Visit our trading conditions page to see the market hours for our different trading instruments.

You can also see instrument trading times in MetaTrader under "specifications" of the symbol you're looking to trade.

Why can't I open a US Share CFD position before an earnings call?

If may see the message that "only position closing is allowed" just prior to an earnings report.

Earnings releases can be high-impact events, and usually take place while the market is closed for trading. To reduce the risk of negative balances occurring during these announcements, some trading instruments may change to close-only ahead of earnings releases, or other changes to margin requirements may occur.

This is only temporary and once earnings reports are released, you will be able to open trades on the instrument as normal.

If your issue is unrelated to earnings reports, please contact support to further investigate your issue.

Are there commissions when trading Crypto?

No, we don't charge any commissions on crypto trading .

Our commission-free crypto trading means you can trade Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Doge, and more and pay $0 in brokerage fees - putting the saving back in your pocket.

Do you allow hedging on the platform?

Yes, Fusion Markets allow hedging. In the context of MT4 trading, “hedging” refers to where you can buy and sell the same product at the same time. e.g. short USDJPY and long USDJPY at the same time.

Is there a limit on the number of trades I can make per day?

You have the flexibility to open and close as many trades as you wish within a day, regardless of the hold time of each trade. Except in cases of deliberately taking advantage of platform faults. 

For information about positions, see our FAQ about maximum positions here

Do you offer copy trading?

Yes, we do offer copy trading

MT4/MT5 Questions

How do I install MT4 for Windows?

Please see the below videos to guide you on how to install the platform on your Windows device.
MT4 for Windows
MT5 for Windows 

How do I install MT4/MT5 on Mobile?

Please see a short video to guide you on how to install for mobile application.

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 5

How do I open an MT5 account?

When opening a demo or live account within the Fusion Client Hub, you will be asked a question under "Platform" and you can choose either MT5 or MT4, depending on your preference. 

How do I reset my MT4/MT5 password?

Please follow the steps below on how to reset your trading account password:

Via MT4

  • Click on ‘Tools’ in the main toolbar, then select ‘Options’
  • On the new panel select the ‘Server’ tab
  • Make sure the login and master password are filled in and press the change button
  • You will be prompted to enter your current password and new password twice
  • You can also choose to change either the Master or Investor password (read-only)
  • Click the ‘Ok’ button 

Please see a short video for your reference:  



Via Fusion hub

  • Log in 
  • Go to ‘Account’ choose either Demo or Live 
  • Click the ‘Pen’ icon then you will see the ‘Change account password.’ 
  • Then click ‘Submit changes”. You’re all set up. 

Please see a short video for your reference.

How do I install an Expert Advisor?

If you’d like to take advantage of an Expert Advisor for automated or algorithmic trading, follow these steps:

1. Open Fusion Markets’ MT4 platform

2. Select ‘File’ from the main menu 

3. Click on ‘Open Data Folder’ to bring up a new folder panel 

4. Select the ‘MQL4’ folder, followed by the ‘Experts’ file 

5. Once you have downloaded your EA, drag and drop the EA file(s) into this folder 

6. Restart MetaTrader 4 and reopen it. 

For MetaTrader 5

1. Open Fusion Markets’ MT5 platform 

2. Select ‘File’ from the main menu 

3. Click on ‘Open Data Folder’ to bring up a new folder panel 

4. Select the ‘MQL5’ folder, followed by the ‘Experts’ file 

5. Once you have downloaded your EA, drag and drop the EA file(s) into this folder 

6. Restart MetaTrader 5 and reopen it. 

Can I delete an MT4/MT5 account?

Unfortunately, we don’t delete accounts. Please be advised that if your account has been inactive for more than 90 days and has no funds in it, we will automatically archive your account to ensure our trading servers are at maximum performance.

Another option not to see in the hub is to use the hide option. To hide your account, please login to your hub, go to accounts and click on the eye like icon to hide your accounts.


FAQ image
How do I change my leverage?

The below information is only applicable for VFSC, SEY or Pro Clients. "Retail" ASIC clients do not have the ability to alter leverage levels.

To change leverage for VFSC, SEY or Pro Clients: 

  • Log in 
  • Go to ‘Account’ choose either Demo or Live 
  • Click the ‘Pen’ icon then you will see the ‘Change leverage' section. 
  • Choose the desired leverage, then click ‘Submit changes”. You’re all set up. 
How do I deposit or deduct funds from my demo account balance?

You may modify the balance of your account on your Fusion Hub.

Login to the Fusion Hub  

• Go to Accounts > Demo 

• Deposit/ Withdraw and enter the amount you wish to add/deduct 

• Click edit funds once done

FAQ image
How do I make changes on my profile/personal details or application?

Log in to your account in Fusion Hub. Edit your details then click “Save”. If your account has already been verified and approved, you won’t be able to change it yourself. To change it, you must verify your security question and provide the details that you want us to change, along with supporting documentation.

How do I create a demo account within the Fusion Client Hub?

If you haven’t created an account with Fusion yet? Please follow the steps below: 

Go to the Fusion Client Hub.

Enter your details, choose your account type and then upload your ID documents.

Can I use MT4/MT5 on my MAC?

Yes, you can use MT4 / MT5 on your Mac

Please see the links below for additional reference for download. 


How long does the demo account last for?

Any new Fusion demo will expire after 30 days from the date of creation. If you want to set your demo account to unlimited, we can set that for you once the account is funded. You may fund as low as $1, but note that most payment providers require a minimum of $10 per transaction.

There is no obligation to trade at all.

It just allows you to worry less about expiring demo accounts and focus on being successful in the markets. Please contact support if the account is funded, as the process is internal. 

Why do I get the message “invalid account”?

The most common reason for this was an incorrect login or password. If you have forgotten your password, please check your original welcome email to Fusion Markets or create a unique password on your fusion account. Please ensure you’re selecting the ‘live’ server or ‘demo’ if logging in on a demo account.


Are you trading on a demo account? 

Please also be aware that demo accounts expire after 30 days unless you have contacted support for an unlimited length account (live account holders only).

You may also reset your password on the Hub or the platform

Please see a short video for your reference. 

Where do I find my login details for the demo/live account?

You can find your demo or live account login information in the email that we have sent you after you’ve created it. Once you log in to your new demo account, you can then find the information has been copied into “Mailbox” Tab on your terminal tools inside the “New account registration” email. Please see below screenshot for your reference.

FAQ image
What does “Account is disabled” mean?

If you see an ‘account disabled’ message, please contact [email protected] 

How do I log in to the Fusion MetaTrader 4/5 platform/terminal?

Once the MT4/MT5 platform is installed, click on ‘File’ located on the upper left-hand corner then choose ‘Log in to trade account’, and enter your login details and password. Make sure to choose the correct server (Fusion Markets-Demo or Fusion Markets-Live), and you will be ready to trade.

Please see a short video for your reference.

I have a problem logging into the WebTrader MT4 platform.

First, we would like to know if you are receiving an error message (you should see a message down the bottom right-hand corner, e.g. “No connection” or “Invalid account”.


If you don’t see any error message, please follow the below troubleshooting exercises:

1. Make sure that you are entering the correct login and password. While it may seem obvious, if you are copying and pasting it directly from your email, please ensure you have not left a space or gap at the end. Please also ensure you’re selecting the ‘live’ or demo server correctly.

2. We suggest that you clear cache and cookies to allow your browser to function more efficiently this may solve problems with web sites or browser. 

3. If possible, please try a different browser. E.g. Firefox, Edge, Chrome.

If you’re still having trouble, please contact us for further assistance.


To help you as quickly as possible, please send us which Browser you’re using, whether it is a demo or live account, any screenshots or videos and any additional information that you think would be helpful.

What if I have lost internet connection, or the system goes down?

Fusion Markets invests large amounts into our trading infrastructure and its stability. However, as with any technology, there is always the possibility of system errors or failures with these connections. We recommend that all traders have a backup plan with their trading, such as installing the mobile or tablet app or installing the platform on another computer with a separate internet connection.  


If the trading platform loses connection as a result of Fusion Markets or its technology providers suffering an outage (and you wish to trade), please contact us immediately. We will request some information from you and will do our best to honour the prices at the time when the system connection is restored.

Why are the new order button and other tools greyed out?

The most common cause why the “new order” button and other tools are greyed out is because you may have logged in using your read-only/”investor” password. This password does not allow you to place trades or do anything but monitor the account. It is usually given to a third party (investors) to access your account in read-only mode, which means trading is not allowed. 


Please ensure you’ve logged in using the trading password or what we call the “master password” found on your welcome email. If you’re still having problems, please send a screenshot of the error, and we can investigate the issue further. 

What does the error “Waiting for update” mean?

When launching the terminal for the first time, you may see the ‘Waiting for update’ notification across your platforms’ charts. This means that the trading terminal is waiting for quotes to be transmitted. For the terminal to start receiving quotes, you need to hold down and drag and drop a product from the instrument list onto a chart.


You should also make sure that you are connected to the platform and have entered the correct login detail, password and server. Please contact us if the issue persists.

What does “Trade Context is busy” mean?

This issue generally occurs if the platform has received an order already and has not been executed yet or the trading server hasn’t received it due to connection issues with your internet. Try closing the platform and re-opening it again or contacting us via [email protected] if the problem persists.

What is the time zone shown in the MT4/MT5 Terminal

The Fusion Markets platform currently operates using ‘New York Close’ charts, which is GMT+3.

How do I get a statement of my trading?

To get a statement of your trading history, log in to the MT4 / MT5, and down the bottom of your terminal click on the tab labelled ‘History’. Within this tab, right-click in the middle and select the desired historical period, e.g. “1 January 2020– 30 January 2021”. You can then download your history by choosing ‘Save a detailed report’ first and download. 

MT5 - Please see a short video for your reference MT4 - Please see a short video for your reference 

How do I see all your trading products in my MT4 Market Watch?

To view all of Fusion’s products, please right click on a product within the ‘market watch’ window and select ‘show all’. This will then allow all products to be shown within your terminal.

What does OHLC stand for/mean?

OHLC stands for Open–High-Low-Close. This type of chart is used to display trading products over time. Each vertical line on the chart shows the price range (the highest and lowest prices) over one unit of time. 


Please see below where you can find OHLC on MT4:

FAQ image
Why can’t I see the toolbar?

If these options are not visible, click on ‘View’, then ‘Toolbars’ and make sure the ‘Line Studies’ option is ticked.

FAQ image
How do I use a trailing stop?

To place a Trailing Stop on open trade, right-click on the trade, select Trailing Stop, then select a distance or choose a custom amount. For reference, one pip is equal to 10 points. 


Please note. However, that trailing stops do not sit on our trading servers. This means that (like an expert advisor listed above) your platform will need to be open and constantly connected to the internet for them to be triggered.

FAQ image
What is a margin call?

A margin call refers to when a trader no longer has any usable/free margin. In other words, the account needs more funding or for positions to be reduced or closed. If your margin level reaches 90%, you will officially be in a margin call, and at 20% of free margin, the MT4 platform will attempt to automatically stop out your position/s to try to avoid any negative balances.  


Please be aware that the trader bears all responsibility for margin calls and managing the funds in your account. While we will attempt to contact you to deposit more funds, we can’t guarantee we will be able to.

What is your MT4/MT5 margin call and stop out level?

For margin calls- we will attempt to send you an email requesting more funds for your position if your margin level reaches 90%. Please be aware that all responsibility for margin calls and managing the funds in your account are borne by the trader. While we will attempt to contact you to deposit more funds, we can’t guarantee it. If you don’t add any more funds, the platform will automatically cut your positions at 20% of the free margin for VFSC and FSA Clients. For ASIC Clients, the margin stop out level for retail accounts has moved to 50% from 20%. 

What is the safest way to keep out of margin call?

Always take extreme care to have enough equity and margin in your live account and maintain a healthy surplus of funds. Markets can move very quickly, and as a trader, you should prepare for any extreme market movements that may occur on any open positions.

What is the difference between buy stops, buy limits, sell stops and sell limits?

"Buy Stop” - is a pending buy order whereby the entry price is currently above the market price at the time. For example, let’s assume the EUR/USD current price is 1.1000. Moreover, you want to buy EUR/USD if the price goes higher and reaches 1.1015. Therefore, you have to set a buy stop order at 1.1015. 

Now if you place a buy pending order below the market price, that order is known as a “Buy Limit”. 


For example, EUR/USD current price is 1.1000. Moreover, you want to buy EUR/USD if the price goes lower and reaches 1.0980. Therefore, you have to set a buy limit order at 1.0980. 


The Difference between Sell Stop and Sell Limit? 

Sell Limit is a sell pending order that you place above the market price. For example, the EUR/USD current price is 1.1000. Moreover, you want to sell EUR/USD if the price goes higher and reaches 1.1015. Therefore, you have to set a sell limit order with an entry at 1.1015.


If you place a sell pending order below the market price, that order is known as “Sell Stop”. For example, EUR/USD’s current price is 1.1000. Moreover, you want to sell EUR/USD if the price goes lower and reaches 1.0980. Therefore, you have to set a sell stop order at 1.0980.

How do I place a trade on MT5?

Please see this short video on placing your first trade. 

How do I create a profile on MT4/MT5?

Once the MT4 / MT5 platform is installed, click on ‘File’ located on the upper left-hand corner then choose ‘Profile ’, then ‘Save as” enter a new profile name, Click OK, then go to Profile again and select the profile you created.

Please see this short video to guide you on how to create a profile. 

How do I switch accounts on MT5?

• Click on ‘File ’ in the main toolbar, then select ‘Login to Trade Account

• On the new panel select the ‘Server’ tab

• Make sure the login and master password are filled in and press the change button

• You will be prompted to enter your current password and new password twice

• You can also choose to change either the Master or Investor password (read-only)

• Click the ‘Ok’ button 

Please see this short video to guide you on how to change.

How do I find swap rates on MT5?

Within the Market Watch, Right Click and Select Specification. 

Please see this short video on how to view Swaps.

How do I change OHLC Bars to Candle Bars?

On your standard toolbar up the top of your MT4/MT5 Terminal, click the candle-like icon to change the OHLC bars to Candlesticks. 

Please see this short video to guide you on how to change.

How do I enable one-click trading?

On your MT4 platform, Go to “Tools” located on the upper right-hand side of your screen and click “Options.” From there, choose “Trade” and tick the “One-Click Trading” box if you want to enable it.

Can I have someone manage my money?

Through our partners, Fusion allows managed accounts. However, for various reasons, we cannot recommend any particular company or trader and advise you to do your research.

What is the exposure tab on MT4/MT5?

On your MT4 / MT5 platform, Go to “Tools” located on the upper right-hand side of your screen and click “Options.” From there, choose “Trade” and tick the “One-Click Trading” box if you want to enable it.

Please see a short video for your reference

What’s the difference between templates and profiles?

An MT4 profile differs from an MT4 template in that a profile is an entire layout including every single chart you have open, while a template is what is on the one specific chart.

What does "No Connection" mean on MT4/MT5?

For MT4: If you're seeing a "no connection" error message at the bottom right corner of your MT4 screen, it means that you're not connected properly to the MT4 server. Please check your internet connection. You may also go to File > Open An Account > and scan the servers. If the same issue persists, please contact us at [email protected]

For MT5: If you're seeing a "no connection" error message at the bottom right corner of your MT5 screen, it means that you're not connected properly to the MT5 server. Please check your internet connection. Try to re-login your MT5 to refresh. If the same issue persists, please contact us at [email protected].

How do I modify or delete my stop loss or take profit?

To modify a stop loss or take profit, please follow these steps:

Click on the Trade tab at the bottom left are of the MT4 / MT5 platform. There, you will find all of your trades, including their entry prices, position sizes, stop losses, and profit targets.

Right-click on the trade that you want to modify and select the “Modify or Delete Order” option.

Next, fill in the Stop Loss and Take Profit fields with your desired levels. When you’re done, hit the Modify button.

A dialogue box should appear to confirm that your trade adjustments have been executed.

For a short video on how to do this, click below. 



How do I do a “close by” trade or “partial close” trade?

Partial close is used to close a portion of your trade to secure some level of profit no matter what could happen later. To do this, double click your order to modify the “Volume” to your desire lot size then close the trade and click ok. Please see this short video on how to do so. 

What VPS do you recommend?

Fusion clients can sign up for either a Sponsored MT4 or MT5 VPS or with a discounted MT4 Forex VPS Hosting Service from recommended third party providers.

General Information

Can I change the time on MT4/MT5 charts?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to change this time zone with MT4 as we set the time zone at the server level. We use "New York Close" (GMT+3 and GMT+2 with daylight savings) charts which correspond with the market opening at 00:00 and close at 23:59 server time. Doing this creates five daily candles for a more seamless technical analysis. Otherwise, the charts would have a small candle on Sunday evening if it was GMT. 

How does your Refer-a-Friend program work?

Fusion's refer-a-friend program is only available for VFSC or SEY clients.

Within the Fusion Client Hub, obtain your unique link and send it to your friends for them to use in signing up. If conditions are met, we will deposit USD $50 each into you and your friend's trading account (Terms and Conditions apply).

How does your Introducing Broker program work?

You need to have five or more existing clients to be qualified. If you believe that you meet the criteria, submit your application. Once the application is submitted, our CEO will contact you to discuss more details.

Do you offer negative balance protection?

If you are a "Retail" client with 1:30 leverage with our ASIC entity, then yes. However, If you are a Fusion Pro, Fusion VFSC Client or FSA Client, then no, we do not. The reason is that, unfortunately, there is no such thing as negative balance protection in the underlying interbank forex market. Fusion (and you as our client) are exposed to the risk that the positions can’t be closed fast enough, and at the desired price. Losses can occur for both Fusion and you as the client; therefore, we can’t guarantee that they never happen. We can however advise how to reduce their chances of occurring to you. We never want our clients facing a negative balance; please take great caution using leverage on products that are exposed to risks of negative balances, particularly indices, metals and illiquid currency pairs.

Do you allow scalping?

Yes, you can enter trades and exit them as quickly as you would like with no restrictions on-hold time or where you set your stop loss or take profit.

How do I change the timeframe on MT5?

Go to “Charts” and select Timeframe.

Please see this short video to guide you on how to change.

What is Balance, Equity, Margin, Free Margin and Margin Level mean?

Balance - the value of your account before considering any current open positions. 

Equity - This would be the current value of your account if all current positions were closed.

Margin - The amount of money you need to have, and maintain, in your account to cover any open positions. 

Free Margin - The difference between your Equity and the Margin amount above.

Margin Level - This is the ratio of Equity to Margin, calculated by the following formula:  

(Equity / Margin) x 100 = Margin Level

What is a CFD?

The contract for difference (CFD) is a popular form of derivative trading. CFD trading enables you to speculate on the rising or falling prices of fast-moving global financial markets (or instruments) such as shares, indices, commodities, currencies and treasuries.

Do you offer API? Can I trade with you through FIX API?

Yes, we do offer API solution. However, Trading through FIX API is available for institutional clients. Previous experience trading via FIX is a requirement, and there will be certain volume thresholds that must be met to trade via this method. If you haven’t used FIX before, it would be best to stick to our MetaTrader 4 platform

What is your Execution type on MT4? Can I change it?

We execute via Market Execution. Market execution means taking whatever price is offered without any requotes (requotes are when it asks you to re-confirm the price as it has changed).

Can you tell me about your liquidity? Who do you use?

We utilise top tier relationships and strive to offer the best available bid and ask price for our clients. Furthermore, we are 50% owned by an institutional FX Broker which gives us a great advantage in offering superior pricing to our customers.

Why does TradingView have different pricing to Fusion Markets on certain products?

You might see a different price from platforms and brokers because different liquidity providers (LPs) have different prices for the same product. For example, LP#1 might be using a Futures price, LP#2 might be using a Cash/Spot based price, and LP#3 might be using a blend of futures and spot to create a synthetic price. Different brokers and providers will often have different prices due to the products being "Over the Counter" or "OTC" and not on a centralised exchange. Unfortunately, these price discrepancies will always vary from broker to broker. 

What is a dealing desk?

Dealing desk means the broker automates/executes all trades electronically. Brokers with a dealing desk will have a team of traders/dealers that can accept or reject orders if they please. Fusion does not operate a dealing desk.  

How to I add and enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?

To enable multi-factor authentication, log in to your client hub, click "Profile" and scroll down to "2 Factor Authentication" select "enable" to add to your account.

Are my funds guaranteed when I deposit with you?

Funds that are deposited into our segregated trust account are by law required to be held in a separate segregated account, away from our company funds. While funds are technically not guaranteed under Australian Law, the regulator has put in place rules that govern how we are to handle client money which we are compliant with. For example, we are not entitled to use client money for hedging trades, nor items such as business expenses. All money deposited by clients must be held in a separate trust account to our company funds.

Can I receive coaching on how to trade?

Fusion markets can execute your trades but not provide advice on when what and how to trade. Trading can be a very personal experience, and we believe that you should find the best system and coach to suit your needs.

Something went wrong with my trade. I want my trade investigated.

We would love to help and investigate this for you, but please email [email protected] with the following information, and we'll get right on to it:

  • Account Number 
  • Ticket No. of the affected trades 
  • Screenshot or evidence of the trade on your MT4 platform
  • Description of the issue you faced vs your expectations


Please give us up to 24 hours so we can go about a detailed investigation and report to you the results.

Do you offer Binary Options?

Binary options are not included in our existing products. Binary options are not something Fusion Markets will offer to customers, and we advise clients to take extreme caution with these products if you are considering investing in them.

Are US Share CFDs different to cash equities?

In a standard share transaction, when buying a share or multiple shares, you will need to have 100% of the value of the shares immediately. Let’s say you want to buy 1 Alphabet (Google) share at $2000 USD. You will need the full $2000 upon entering the trade.

In a Share CFD transaction, your margin requirement is 20%, meaning you only have a margin requirement of $400 (20%*$2000). With a Share CFD, the costs are generally lower and your dollar can go further.

What are your support hours? Are you available on weekends?

Our Client Success Team is working hard for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so whenever you encounter an issue, feel free to contact us. You can email us at [email protected], reach out via our live chat or call us on +61 3 8376 2706. We will respond the first second we can. 

Do you have an economic calendar available?

Yes, within our website and in your Fusion Client Hub you can find a very handy economic calendar

If you are on MT5, you can also use the Metaquotes version by opening your Trade Terminal, and Select Calendar Tab.

Please see this short video for your reference.

Fusion+ Copy Trading

How much does Fusion+ cost?

If you're doing more than 2.5 lots of FX and Metals in a 30 day period, it's free. If not, there is a $10/month fee for Master/follower accounts to cover our hosting costs. 

Is there any limit to how many clients I can have?

There are no limits to how many clients you can have.

Can I charge a performance fee?

Yes, you can charge a performance fee on any net equity gain up to a maximum of 30%. 

Can I earn rebates on commission paid?

In order to avoid "churning", Fusion wants to incentivise responsible trading which means rebates are not payable on Fusion+ accounts. 

I am an Australian resident, why can't I see Fusion+?

Due to ASIC regulations, we are currently unable to offer this service to our Australian clients. 

Can I copy my trades to other brokers?

No, you can only copy trades between clients of Fusion Markets. 

How do I sign up for Fusion+

Once you choose the settings of the copier, you can choose to create a special link or send the invitation via email to your follower. 

Can I use a demo account for Fusion+

As each account is hosted individually, we cannot offer a demo or trial period for Fusion+ copying.

I have copied someone's trades, can I turn off the copier whenever I like?

Yes, you can remove any copier on your account. Please note you will need to close any open or existing positions as the Master account cannot do so. 

I have started a copier on someone else's account, can I turn it off?

Yes, you can turn it off but you will need to coordinate with the follower account to ensure they can close trades on their own platform.

How will I know which trades are from the copier?

We highly recommend you only set up a new, separate account to use a copier in order to avoid previous trading history. In the "Comments" section in MT4/MT5, you will see a comment with "Fusionplus". You can also view this in your Client Hub Fusion+ menu under "Trades". 

Can I cancel my Fusion+?

Yes, if you’d like to cancel your Fusion+ simply reach out to our support team and they will happily assist.

cTrader Questions

How do I open a cTrader account?

You can open a cTrader account by:

1. Signing up to Fusion Markets

2. Logging into your Client Hub 

3. Adding a new Live or Demo account and selecting “cTrader” as your platform

4. Downloading cTrader for Windows, Android, iOS or if you prefer not to the download the platform you can use cTrader’s WebTrader

5. Fund your account via the Client Hub 

6. Log in to cTrader using the login information you would have received via email

7. Start Trading

How do I log in?

To log into your cTrader, enter the login information from your cTrader email. If you have changed your password and don’t remember it, reach out to support and we’ll resolve this issue for you.

What are the differences between cTrader and MetaTrader?

The main differences between the two are their interfaces, programming language (this affects your EAs), and chart types and timeframes (cTrader offers a wider range). There are also additional differences in some features, but as a quick summary, the above covers the main differences.

You can learn more details about the differences on our cTrader MetaTrader comparison blog post.

Are trading conditions the same on cTrader?

Yes, all symbols have the same trading conditions as MetaTrader, however, the commissions are slightly different.

Please refer to the cTrader Commissions FAQ to understand the difference in commissions between cTrader and MetaTrader.

Are commissions different on cTrader?

We pride ourselves on our low costs and we continue this with cTrader. Although commissions will feel very similar between MetaTrader and cTrader, there is an important difference in calculation that you need to understand to ensure you accurately account for your costs.

In MetaTrader, commissions are charged per lot. In cTrader, commissions are charged at a rate of $2.25 per $100,000 of notional volume traded (both in the base currency traded).

So, in cTrader if you trade 1 lot of EURUSD (EUR 100,000 notional value traded per side), the commission will be EUR 2.25 per side or EUR 4.5 round-turn.

However, if you trade 1 lot of AUDUSD (AUD $100,000 notional value), the commission will be AUD $2.25 (per side) or AUD $4.5 round-turn.

From the above two examples, you can see that the commissions are slightly different per-lot, because the commission charge will always be proportional to the notional volume traded rather than the lots traded. The EUR trade charges commission in Euros and the AUD trade charges commission in Australian Dollars, making the costs of the trades slightly different - these amounts would then be converted back to your account currency automatically.

Another important difference to note is when a standard lot is not exactly 100,000 notional value, such as when trading Gold or Silver.

With these instruments, you need to consider the notional value and not just the lot size. As in the above examples, when you trade US $100,000 notional value, your commission will still be US$2.25.

How do I install cTrader on Android?

To install cTrader on your Android device is an easy process:

1. Sign up to Fusion Markets 

2. Create your cTrader live or demo account 

3. Download the app from the Google Play Store

4. Enter your cTrader login information (which you received via email) into your cTrader mobile app 

5. Make sure your account is funded. 

6. Start Trading 

How do I install cTrader on iOS (iPhone/iPad)?

To install cTrader on your iPhone or iPad:

1. Sign up to Fusion Markets 

2. Create your cTrader live or demo account 

3. Download the app from Apple App Store

4. Enter your cTrader login information (which you received via email) into your cTrader mobile app 

5. Make sure your account is funded. 

6. Start Trading 

How do I install an EA on cTrader?

First thing is to make sure your indicator or EA uses the right programming language. cTrader user C# unlike MetaTrader’s MQL4 and MQL5.

Then the easiest way is to install an algo file. Simply double-click the file and cTrader will open the file and ask to install the EA.

If this does not work, this would be because your operating system does not recognise algo files, you will need to open your documents folder using windows explorer and navigate to the Sources folder, here you will see two other folders, all you need to do now is open the relevant folder and copy/paste the algo file into this folder, this will automatically install or replace an existing file.

Can I trade Cryptocurrency on cTrader?

Yes! Our full range of crypto assets are available on cTrader. You can learn more about what cryptocurrency instruments we have and our low costs compared to competitors on our cryptocurrencies page.

Can I trade US Share CFDs on cTrader?

Unfortunately, US Share CFDs aren’t available on cTrader.

However, US Shares are available on MetaTrader 5, so if you’d like to trade over 100 of the world’s biggest companies, open an MT5 account and start trading.   

Is Fusion + (Copy Trading) available for cTrader?

Unfortunately, Fusion+ is not currently available on cTrader.

How do I reset my cTrader password?

You can reset your cTrader cTID password by:

Click “Forgot?” on the cTrader platform on the login screen in the password box.

You will then be redirected to the cTrader website where you can enter your email. Enter the email connected to your cTrader account.

You will then a receive an email from cTrader with a link that will allow you to change your password.

If this doesn't work for you, contact our support team at [email protected] and we’ll investigate further for you.

Can I delete a cTrader account?

Unfortunately, we don’t delete accounts. Please be advised that if your account has been inactive for more than 90 days and has no funds in it, we will automatically archive your account to ensure our trading servers are at maximum performance.

Another option not to see in the hub is to use the hide option. To hide your account, please login to your hub, go to accounts and click on the eye like icon to hide your accounts.

Can I use cTrader on my MAC?

Yes! cTrader is now available on Mac computers and can be downloaded using this link.  

How can I trade cTrader on Android?

Create your cTrader account on Android (see: Android Account FAQ), add funds to your account, and now your account is ready to trade.

You can trade via the buy and sell to trade.

If you’d like a coaching session, reach out to our support team at [email protected] and we can set up a cTrader coaching session for you.

cTrader is not responding/disconnecting

cTrader is not responding/disconnecting

There could be a variety of reasons why cTrader may have disconnected or is not responding.

We recommend that you check that your internet connection is working, your credentials are accurate and that your device has the correct specifications to handle the software.

From there, have as look at cTrader’s troubleshooting guides for other steps.

Below are the links to the troubleshooting guides for each cTrader platform:

Desktop App: 


iOS App: 

Android App: 

If problems persist, please check the cTrader trading support help forums at Here you will find the designated cTrader support team that will be able to walk you through any platform issues.

Where do I find the logins for my cTrader account?

You’re able to see the logins for your cTrader account in your designated email. When you sign up for a Fusion cTrader account, you’ll receive an email from cTrader with your login information.

If you have not received this email, contact our support team at [email protected] and we’ll look into it for you.

What does “Account is disabled” mean on cTrader?

As our demo accounts are available for 30 days, if your account is disabled on cTrader your demo account may have expired. You can contact our support team at [email protected] if you’d like to extend your demo account

If your live account was disabled and you believe this was an error, please contact our support team at [email protected] to investigate the issue for you.

What time zone is shown on cTrader?

The Fusion Markets platform currently operates using ‘New York Close’ charts, which is GMT+2/+3 (depending on daylight savings).

How do I place a trade on cTrader?

There are many different options when placing trades on cTrader such as setting your stop loss or perhaps you wanted to use a trailing stop.

In addition, each platform has slightly different interfaces for placing a trade.

Below are comprehensive guides on placing trades on cTrader on each device type.




How do I switch accounts on cTrader?

You can switch between accounts easily by clicking on the trading account bar located in the upper right corner (for desktop users), and choosing the desired account from the dropdown menu.

The selected trading account will be instantly switched, and the cTrader application will load all the current settings and charts associated with that account.

How can I find the swap rates on cTrader?

In the cTrader platform, simply right click on a pair in the 'Watchlists' window, select 'Symbol Window', and all relevant information for that pair will appear in a popup window (including swap rates).

How do I enable or disable one-click trading in cTrader?

On the cTrader platform, click on the settings icon in the bottom left hand corner, and select the 'QuickTrade' tab. From here you can select if you would like 'single-click' or 'double-click' trading.

If you have the quick trade settings 'Disabled', it means that you will have a pop up box to confirm any trade actions.

You are also able to set up default SL/TP and market range settings for all order types from this window.

By default, the QuickTrade is set to send Market Orders by clicking once. Configure it as you wish it to work.

In the QuickTrade Settings select Single-Click or Double-Click to configure the QuickTrade mode, or Disabled to turn the QuickTrade off.

What VPS do you recommend for cTrader?

We recommend using New York City Servers for low-latency trades. If you trade over 20 lots of Metals or FX over a 30-day period then we cover your VPS fees for you.

How do I connect my VPS for cTrader?

This is essentially the same as connecting your VPS to MetaTrader.

The steps are:

- Sign-up for a plan with a VPS hosting company, we recommend New York City Servers 

- Once you are signed-up you will receive instructions to connect to the VPS server from your PC using Remote Desktop.

- Once connected to your VPS, Install cTrader onto the VPS, start it and login with your credentials, create a demo or connect to your live account. 

You should now be connected and ready to trade.

Can you use a cTrader account from a different broker on the Fusion Markets cTrader Apps?

The Fusion cTrader apps on Apple’s App store and Google’s Play Store are designed only for Fusion accounts, so you will not be able to use these with a cTrader account from another broker.

How can I remove the background image on cTrader?

To remove the background image, right-click on the chart and select “background image”. From here, you should choose “none” and click “save”. This should remove the background image.

How can I set up my cTrader account?

To set up your cTrader account, log into your Fusion Client Hub, and open a cTrader account (choose your leverage and base currency). Download your preferred version of cTrader (Desktop, Mobile, or Web). You will soon receive an email with your cTrader login information. Ensure your account or demo is funded and then input that login information on your cTrader account and start trading.

Can I use a demo account on cTrader?

Yes, we especially recommend our demo account for new traders to get a greater understanding of our low commissions, tight spreads and deep liquidity.

Can I access my cTrader account from different computers?

Yes. If you have the correct login information, you’ll be able to log in to your account on both different computers and different cTrader applications (e.g. Desktop and Web)

What accounts are available on cTrader?

You’ll be able to use Fusion Markets’ Zero account for cTrader. It is important to note that the commission structure is slightly different than MetaTrader. Read this cTrader FAQ for more information.

How do I install cTrader on my mobile phone?

To install cTrader on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

1. Sign up to Fusion Markets.

2. Create your cTrader live or demo account.

3. Download the app from the appropriate webstore (Apple Store or Google Play Store).

4. Enter your cTrader login information (which you received via email) into you cTrader mobile app.

5. Make sure your account is funded.

6. Start Trading.

Can I use the same account on my desktop and mobile?

Yes! You can use your cTrader account on any cTrader application: Desktop, Mobile, and Web. Use your Fusion Markets’ cTrader login information and start trading.

Where can I learn the basics?

You can find lots of useful resources on the cTrader site here

Our team also offer cTrader coaching. Reach out to our support team at [email protected] for more details. 

How can I fund my cTrader Account?

Log into your Client Hub, click “payments” and choose your funding method. Once funds arrive in your account, you’ll be able to trade on cTrader.

Where can I see my full trading history on cTrader?

To see your full trade history on cTrader, navigate to the “History” tab and you’ll be able to see all your filled and attempted to fill orders. Click on a specific order to see the full trade history details.

Does cTrader Web have more limited features than desktop?

No! cTrader’s webtrader has identical functionality to its desktop counterpart, so you still get the full cTrader experience when trading through a browser.

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