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What is a Crypto CFD?

Crypto CFDs are a way for traders to go both long and short on a digital asset. It also allows traders to take a leveraged position to increase their exposure. By trading a Crypto CFD a trader can improve their capital efficiency and take positions that can profit whether the market goes up or down. 


Do you think Bitcoin will crash? You can take a short position and profit as it tumbles. Perhaps you think Ethereum is going to skyrocket? With our Ethereum CFD, you can take a long position with leverage to get more exposure when the price rises.

Why Fusion Crypto CFDs?

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Zero Commissions
We offer some of the lowest fees in the market, tight spreads and charge $0 in commissions. See our comparison table and compare us against other providers.
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Go Long and Short
Our Crypto CFDs allow you to go both long or short, so you can take advantage of any price movements.
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No Minimum Deposits.
No Deposit Fees
Unlike other brokers who charge fees to deposit, we want to make trading accessible to everyone. That’s why we have no minimum deposit requirements or deposit fees.
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with Leverage
Increase your buying power with leverage and get greater exposure on your trades. Get 1:10 leverage as a crypto trader on Fusion Markets. Get 1:2 leverage as a Retail Client or 1:10 as a Pro Client on Fusion Markets.

How We Compare Against
Other Crypto Providers

  Fusion Markets Coinbase CoinSpot Gemini Binance
Minimum Deposit $0 $501 $1 $0 $0 or $502
Demo Account Yes No No No No
Bitcoin Trading Fees 0.06% 0.4%/0.6%
0.1% 0.2%/0.4%
Leverage Available Yes No No No3 No3
TrustPilot Score

Our Crypto Trading Instruments

Asset Symbol Trading Hours Minimum Spread Average Spread
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How is trading Crypto CFDs different from buying crypto?

When you typically buy crypto you cannot take a leveraged position or go short. You usually just buy the asset. However, when you trade a Crypto CFD, because you are trading the derivative of the asset, you can short it without first holding it. The other major benefit is that with a Crypto CFD you can use leverage to increase your position size without needing more capital. 

Do I need to pay a fee to open a position?

At Fusion Markets we believe that traders should not have to pay exorbitant amounts to trade, so we have waived all commission fees for Crypto CFD traders. The only fees paid are through the spread.

Are there any other fees?

Each day at 0:00 server time, there will be an overnight financing charge to keep your position open. This is updated daily and available on your trading platform.

Can I only trade Crypto CFDs on MetaTrader?

No, you can trade Crypto CFDs on TradingView , cTrader and MetaTrader 4/5 where you’ll have access to all 250+ of our trading products at Fusion Markets from Foreign Exchange pairs to US Stocks. When you sign up to Fusion Markets, you can take advantage of all our low costs across our entire product range. 

Will I receive staking rewards?

When you are trading a Crypto CFDs you will not receive any staking rewards, similar to if you were trading the raw asset. In crypto, staking awards are only given to assets that are staked on chain.  

Can I try a demo?

Yes! You can get your feet wet trading with the Fusion Markets demo account. Simply sign into your client hub and open a demo. 

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