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Demo Trading Account

Our Demo Trading Account allows you to learn, test strategies or just see our tight spreads for yourself - without any risk to your hard-earned capital.

Whether you are a seasoned trader honing your skills or a curious newcomer ready to explore the financial universe, our Demo Trading Account is the ultimate playground and ideal starting point. Practice executing trades, master risk management, and analyse market trends under the low-cost umbrella of Fusion Markets.

What Are the Benefits
of a Demo Trading Account?

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Risk-Free Environment

The Demo Trading Account provides a risk-free environment where you can practice and experiment with various trading strategies without putting your real capital at stake.

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Real-Time Market Conditions

The Demo Trading Account replicates real-time market conditions, providing you with access to live price feeds, market fluctuations, and more.

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Learning and Skill Development

It allows you to learn about different trading instruments, test different strategies, and understand the intricacies of risk management. By actively engaging in simulated trading, you can develop essential trading skills such as technical analysis, chart reading, and decision-making.

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Strategy Testing and Refinement

With a Demo Trading Account, you can test and refine your trading strategies in real-time. You have the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of your approach and make adjustments without any financial repercussions.

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Confidence Building

One of the most significant benefits of a Demo Trading Account is the boost it gives to your trading confidence. It can be a game-changer when you transition to live trading, enabling you to make more informed decisions and maintain emotional stability.

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Familiarisation with Trading Platforms

A Demo Account provides a perfect opportunity to become familiar with our trading platforms. You can explore the platform’s features, tools, and functionalities, ensuring that you are comfortable navigating and utilising them effectively when you transition to live trading.

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How to Create a Demo Account

Follow our step-by-step guide to open a Demo account with Fusion Markets. Harness the potential of our advanced trading tools and real-time market data, empowering you to execute trades with precision and confidence. Test your strategies, fine-tune your decision-making skills, and discover the perfect approach that suits your trading style, all without risking a single penny.

Step 1

Click on 'Create an Account’ 

Step 1
Step 2

Complete the registration form and click ‘Sign Up.’

Please note that you must accept the terms and conditions to proceed.

Step 2
Step 3

Select ‘Demo’ and then click on ‘+New Account’

Step 3
Step 4

Make sure to select ‘Demo’ then fill out your details and click on ‘Create Account’

Step 4
Step 5

Voilà! You demo account has been created.

Please check your email to access your login details and install your preferred trading platform.

Step 5


How long is my Demo Account going to be active for?

Your Demo Account will be active for 30 days. You are more than welcome to extend your demo for free, once you have funded your account, just reach out to our support team at [email protected].  

Why should I use a Demo account?

A Demo account provides a risk-free environment where you can practice trading strategies and techniques without using real money. This allows you to gain hands-on experience and familiarise yourself with the trading platform and market dynamics, all without the fear of financial loss.

Can I have a Demo and Live accounts at the same time?

Absolutely, you can have multiple accounts at the same time.

Are there any disadvantages of using a demo account?

As transparency is one of our core values, it is our responsibility to mention that Trading with virtual money in a demo account does not replicate the emotional impact of trading with real money. The absence of real financial risk can affect your decision-making process and emotional responses. It is crucial to recognise that emotions play a significant role in live trading and to prepare yourself accordingly.

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