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Multi Account Manager (MAM/PAMM)

If you’re a professional trader that manages money for other clients, then you need low costs, great support and technology.

The Fusion Markets MAM system offers money managers a high performance multi account manager solutions via the MetaFX platform. The platform is known for its stability, flexibility and a fast execution speed.

Key Features of the MetaFX/Fusion Markets MAM

Trade across an unlimited number of trading accounts

Flexibility with order types – choose allocation by lot, percentage or equity

Trade with any size – Full (standard lots), Mini (0.1), Micro (0.01)

Partial close of orders via Master Account

Full use of Expert Advisors including on client side

All trading styles and products allowed

Please note that due to the cost of execution on the MetaFX platform and Fusion’s extremely low trading costs, the MAM platform incurs a 0.1 pip execution cost added across all products.

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