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Are you looking to manage money for friends and family or others in your network?
Do you have bigger dreams of becoming a professional money manager for others?
Available in your Client Hub now, Fusion+ allows you to copy other successful Fusion clients, have others copy your trades or simply copy between your own Fusion accounts, all within a few clicks.
How does it work?
With Fusion+, we do most of the work behind the scenes to help you and the clients to get set up. That way, you can focus on what you do best, trading successfully.

Getting started is easy. Apply to become a Fusion+ trader and within a few clicks, share your unique link with others or email an invitation to your friends or client’s accounts. Once they sign up or link their existing account and agree to the T&Cs, you can enable their account for copy trading and get started.
What are the fees?
The Fusion+ copy service is free of charge, so long as you and the follower account are doing at least 2.5 lots of FX/Metals per month. If your follower trades less than this, they will pay a simple USD $10 per month fee to cover Fusion's hosting costs). As an approved Fusion+ Master, if you would like to charge performance fees to your clients, you are free to do so up to a maximum of 30%.

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