Virtual Private Server for Forex Trading

A VPS will allow your trades to be connected 24/7 on a virtual machine. This ensures traders are never interrupted by connectivity issues. Fusion clients can sign up for either a Sponsored NYC VPS (for MT4, TradingView and cTrader) or MT5 VPS or with a discounted Forex VPS Hosting Service from recommended third party providers.

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Fusion Sponsored VPS

As a client, you can gain access to a complimentary VPS sponsored by Fusion if you trade more than 20 lots of FX or Metals in a 30 day period.

Within your Fusion Hub, simply sign-up for a Sponsored VPS and choose between an NYC VPS for MT4, TradingView and cTrader (powered by NYC Servers) or MT5 VPS (powered by MetaQuotes). We'll debit your account for you upfront, have the VPS details sent to you, and if you meet the minimum volume requirements, we'll automatically refund you the fees. There's no messy sign-up process and we take care of the hard work for you.

Get Your VPS

New York City Servers

Fusion Markets has partnered with NYC Servers and provides a customised low latency solution for traders.

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NYC Servers understand that in order to be successful in today's fast changing markets, forex traders rely on:

A stable low latency connection to their broker
Fast executions, and high-powered servers that are built to run 24x7x365
24x7 support through email, support tickets, live chat and telephone
Save 25% each month on a Fusion Markets VPS service from New York City Servers
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